3rd Place

Kish – IRAN

Autumn 2013


The architectural design process explores essential concerns related to the land, nature and Iranian culture. In relation to the program and the context several layers of thoughts were researched, discussed, analyzed and deciphered to create a collective privileged new identity for Kish Island and its ecological, cultural and recreational aims.
Different degrees of architecture intellectual aptitudes were approached to encounter a situational progressive local sensitivity; raising pertinent questions concerning new country mental structures by raising progressive values in view of a moving world of globalize wisdom, but nevertheless anchored in some ruling culture and general cultural heritage.
Through this path, different layers of cultural interventions had to convey social and economical imperatives. Cognitive latent expressions had to be deciphered from connections and interdependہencies between social life and contextual implementation. A creative experimentation paved the way to some silent stories of a land where spirit and spirituality remain the very essence of human creation and positive human toughness for the new born capacities, thoughts and hopes of improved social and cultural achievements.
The aim was to have the building rush off the ground like diamond shard rocks leaving the ground at dynamic degrees of expansion from a tilted launch pad. Padideh Kish had to become a star among the Kish Island to create a reference landmark. A new star on the landside of Kish horizon had to generate itself as a ship and a reflecting diamond through the sea, the waves and the wind’s movement. The wander had to allow one’s imagination to encounter some shores of free resort development.
Through this path, despite its solid physical presence, the structure seems to be fragmented by the force of the land, therefore engaging a distancing philosophical contextual integration:
angular architecture fragments of tufaceous continuous sediments. The action or the intention was not to regenerate the surroundings but to accentuate the site potentials and the views, so us to transform the place into an inner space of the memory, and by extension, by amplifying the sense of time, to create an engaging unique atmosphere.
For developing the project, different “essences” and content “words” were put forward to engender the leading concept of the design. Each of these words acted as metaphorical bridges for the final configuration of the present design, in which mental, cultural and functional priorities configured the design development through the site. In the approach, related content words essences were engendered to create the general pattern of the proposed design.




Principal Architect: Drab Diba – Amir Hooshang Ardalan

Lead Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Associates: ATEC’s Team + Mojtaba Nabavi – Ramin Movasat