2nd Place

Tokyo – JAPAN

Summer 2008


The initial power and beauty of nine square problem was its immateriality, its existence without function, site, client, body and to some extent, scale.

In this exercise, the main concern is to explore the fact that architectural space itself is “defined by inseparable from structure, dialectically organized in relation to that structure, and defined by generated from structure.

Not only did the exercise defined a structure, but it also defined a space for interpretation.

To develop green space

in the city a

vertical organization of built is a solution.

We use this solution to organize

residential spaces in a vertical box and increase

the green area of the site .

Also we use heterogeneous slabs

instead of

flat horizontal and homogeneous

floors to create a residential units.

This concept can affect on urban

life style.

For us four square diagram is a

structure for heterogeneous

vertical houses.

So four square diagram can change the

contemporary urban life style.




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Associates: Behrang Eghbali – Sepehr Seyyed Kalal

Other Associates: Arshia Ebadi – Mahshid Fadayi – Atefe Bakhshi – Leila Kazemi