Summer 2017


locating the project site in the southern side of the “Nemunas” river and being so close to the cultural-historical zone of the “Kaunas” city, made us to follow a strategy in which the final outcome of the design process wouldn’t look like a stranger in the city.

kaunas m.k. ciurlionis concert hall would be a part of the Kaunas city.

using the urban geometry of old and historical part of the city was the first step of the concept design process. we injected a contemporary building to the existing typology by distorting the old geometry to fit into the project site boundary. also the city skyline of the Kaunas, and the order of the city building beside each other, were both inspiring for us in the design process.

designing public plazas will make an intimate relationship between the people and the project, therefor, by designing a foyer in the middle of the project skyline, there will be an interesting spatial experience in addition to creation of a public plaza which act as a deck beneath the project roof.

designing the foyer by mirroring the project’s longitudinal section , both solves the project’s  structural issues and makes it a monolithic single unit of forms, spaces and landscapes.




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

Associates: Hossein Setareh – Sepehr Maleki – Hamid Reza Memarian – Mehdi Yousefi