Tehran – IRAN

Autumn 2015


A proposal for regenerate the wicked future of ancestors
City in the eye of post-modernism does not consist of separate elements but integrated spaces that causes life and spatial stream, and this is possible only with what the fabric limits of the city, its houses and destroyed courtyards, gardens, trees and pathways possess in their own base nature.
This approach leads to create a pathway in the city, through Oudlajan neighborhood, that in the heart of this narrative which is interpreted as the wicked future of ancestors, ties with the city flow and lives of the region’s inhabitants, then this connection shows up in specific boundaries of sky, trees, and brick.
It seems that remaining facades of the destructions still needs to be maintained as people’s diaries. Although this point is subject to revival and designing these missing spaces. Therefore, the following aspects were bolded:
1. Filled spaces of destroyed houses (residential)
2. Unfilled spaces of destroyed houses (courtyards)
3. The borderline between destroyed houses
4. Present pathways which link destructions




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

Associate: Nima Heyat