3rd Place

Rasht – IRAN

Autumn 2015


An entrance in comparison to other spaces of a building possesses specific characteristics, since apart from its primary function as a relating space, it would be a space which connects the building with its surrounding public spaces, in terms of visual and perceptual elements. Thus, entrances are diverse, variable displays and sometimes are a combination of dominant vernacular faiths and merits in the region which contains climate and natural environment. The displays which themselves are influenced by economic, social, belief, and cultural conditions, and also by the urban context in each and every period of time.

In Iranian architecture, an entrance is not just a relating space. It has rather got social and cultural functions. Principally, in order to create a link or a connection between a building and its adjacent passage, and also to accentuate the entrance, mostly a plaza was built in front of the entrance vault; in a way that it had a mutual space with the passage. Even the plaza was placed besides the passage in a way that provides sufficient attraction and allure. The GATEWAY is the inviting element in the entrance.

In the design process of this space, regarding the location of The University of Gilan, which is beside the highway, the long distance between the entrance and the university buildings, and the natural landscape based on the region’s climate, by representing a different approach, we endeavored to remain loyal to the cultural and historical principles of Iranian architecture. On the other hand, the designing of the university’s entrance – in the contemporary era and the years close to 2020 – requires a remarkable and novel presentation.




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

Associates: Reza Eftekhari – Nima Heyat