Tehran – IRAN

Winter 2016


Islamic art is a sort of art that is has been mixed with symbolic illustration of surrounding nature which shows up as geometric designs in different artworks of artists belonged to this school of thought. The Muslim artist by the use of religious values –which came from the Quran and Islamic culture- has been tried to exemplify his cognition and perception about the world in the framework of illustration art. Those artworks were a critical means in order to perceive the nature of Islamic culture and its climax can be seen in Iran, during the empire of Safavi era.

Iranian artists, in order to express their intentions of creating artworks used various shapes. The shapes which has been emerged from circle and triangle as the most basic shapes in nature. Circle is a shape which is supposed to exist in nature ages before, regarded as a creature of God. The orientation of stars in a circular direction is an evidence of this claim. Circle is the symbol of motion and dynamism and induces the sense of life. Unlike all other shapes, circle is the only one which consists of one and only one simple line without any start or end points, and from this point of view it represents the meaning of unity. Even the orientation of people around Kaaba is circular. Therefore, Iranian artists has been using this shape in their designs during the history. From the construction of domes to designing columns, circle was the basis of design. Therefore, in the design process of this project by the use of the mentioned concepts beside a circular space surrounded by a square, we endeavored to induce a high level of spiritual sense and yet provide prayers with a dynamic space to pray deeply through the silence.




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

Associates: Reza Eftekhari – Nima Heyat – Amir Armani Asl