Siavash Teimuri

D.P.L.G in architecture

Hajizadeh And Associates Senior Consultant

Born in Tehran, 1937

MA in architecture from University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, 1962

PhD in architecture from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1969

Recipient of the French Association of Architects’ prize, 1967

First place winner in design competition for University of Esfahan’s Faculty of Sciences, 1973

Member of the French Society of Architects

Instructor in universities and academic research institutions

Member of the board of trustees of the Iran Architectural Pride Worthies Foundation

Previous Jobs and Responsibilities

Association with the firms:

 Salomon, Paris 1962-1963

Jean Frottier, Paris, 1964-1965

Roger Taillbert, Paris, 1965-1966

Michelle Marot, Paris, 1967-1968

Instructor in architecture, University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, 1969

Founder and managing director of Farmoum Consulting Engineers, 1974

Professional Activities


Residential complexes in Villejuif, France

Sun Tower apartment building in Nice, France

Chateau Perigord apartment building in Nice, France

Sports stadium in Limoge, France

Park de Prince 30,000 seat stadium

Buildings in Arras, France

Industrial and cinematographic center, saint Germain en Laye 

Health center affiliated with the University of Paris Faculty of Medicine

Villefranche and Marina Bais des Anges leisure ports

St. Denis Institution in Reunion Island

Houses and hospitals in Cameroon

Indoor swimming pool of  Casino Deauville, Deauville, France

Center for training paralyzed children in Montroda, France

Center for development of mind and body in Font Romeu, France

Campus les Violettes near Chateau Amboise (winner of the smallest building with highest efficiency)

Designer and chief supervisor of RER Metro Station [Réseau Express Régional, the commuter rail in Paris]

Mellat bank central building design

Sirus tower design, Tehran

Hotel Simorgh design, Tehran

Military Geographic Center design

Tabriz health and cure center design

Iran scientific and industrial research center design

Design of residential complex for Iran health ministry employees

Design of residential complex for Karun cultivation and industry employees, Iran

Aghola 60 beds hospital designer, Iran

Kordkoy 60 beds hospital designer, Iran

Ahvaz prefabricated concrete factory, Iran

Educational building of Shiraz agriculture university design

Laboratory building of Shahid Sadoghi medicine university, Yazd Iran

Design of Mashhad Export Development Bank

Niavaran Arghavan tower, Tehran Iran

Design, supervision and construction of more than 150 projects

Published Works and other Activities

Taking part in the exhibitionLive wall, Jean Frottier Firm, Paris

Registration of sliding roofas an entry in encyclopedias in the second half of the 20thcentury

Presenting a number of architectural designs in an exhibition on the works of Iranian architects at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts

Publishing many articles on architecture and urban planning in specialized periodicals

Compilation and translation of several books on mysticism and Sufism

Passing Iranian Society of Calligraphy’s most advanced degree