Truly, when Tehran coming earthquake is going to be happened? Really is there any solution to save Tehran from coming earthquake? when the earthquake of Tehran happens, do you have any imagination how it will be after in spite of the fact that now days constructing happens on earthquake-producing faults, which are the most seismically active regions of Iran? Such questions and the questions like this, remind us something:
Saving survivors after earthquake
Due to this way of thinking, places should be built to reserve water, food, medicine, first aid and survivors. Consider to unbuilt surfaces in Tehran, with no doubt we need to build places as reservoir for inquiries after disaster.
surviving towers
Surviving towers will have two important functions:
before earthquake
after earthquake
Before earthquake: towers ground floor spaces and lower parts, are the spaces to function as public spaces for social interactions. On the other hand, body of these towers covered with various vegetation which are green that can refine the polluted air and entitled as highest vertical building of Tehran which can help the culture of using vegetation in Tehran’s buildings.
After earthquake: whereas tower’s structure is very strong resistible against earthquake, could be use as places for survivors after disaster to keep them safe and save them. also before that we maintained spaces as reservoirs for food, water, medicine and so on. Also places to cure injured people and places for quarantine.
Survivors can be transferred by helicopter, and special transportation to safe zones out of Tehran.
Principal Architect : kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir hossein Hajizadeh