Tehran – IRAN

Spring 2018


Today, construction in the big cities of Iran is a challenge to be faced with urban planning and contemporary language.

Nowadays, cities desire to meet their new needs. Unconventional construction, economy, and the lack of familiarity and expertise of most employers, have been a disaster over the cities of Iran, which has to be destroyed to refine from the beginning, and then try to improve urban spaces with contemporary logic and methods.

Tehran as the most important city in Iran in terms of size, population, economy and political poles of the region has a major task. Unfortunately, the unkind builders have taken it down. By the approach of misusing the very low level of artistic taste of citizens, Tehran has been paved a way for a demonstration of the worst urban events. This issue will lead us to the fact that attention to monuments in the present situation can be considered for the satisfaction of Tehran. Therefore, attention towards important buildings in Tehran -especially areas such as Jordan- which is urbanely designed with today urban planning standards, is much more important and more comprehensible. The location of the Jordan Street and its impressive slopes give the designers plenty of potentials to offer a better view of the buildings. And the more these buildings are closer to the body of Jordan, the better they will be shown.

Regarding the location of the proposed project site -in one of the best points of Jordan streets- and its placement on the edge of this street, it provides more potential for this project to become more prominent.





Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

Design Associate: Alireza Karimi Kolor

Associates: Parham Adibpour – Sanamnaz Allame – Hanieh Aleyasin