Sedhiou – SENEGAL

Spring 2018


The soil of each land due to food and water of each land can be the connective reason for the folks, races and cultures. People of Sedhiou are the people who have suffered too much and tired. They left behind all difficulties and now they look forward to their lost peace. People of Sedhiou are the people who experienced all their childhood, youth and old age on their farmland. Farmland for them is not only the place for work and earning food but the purpose of their life. Men and women of Sedhiou are working always together, side by side on one land .children of their own playing around and granny’s telling stories and narrating legends for the youth. Our project’s purpose is to make “soil for the soil “.The soil which is the same farmland that agriculture, food, dancing, singing and playing in other words “life were taken place during the time”. Using whole land as farmland and saving terminal linear trees was our idea for project design processing .On the other hand, creating a public space for performing ceremonies and different events were needed for this cultural project. Therefor land’s eastern and western strudy trees and their bushy underspaces was the suitable place for creating land shaping geometry for this cultural project.in a way that under the trees seems like two hotspot to performing dances, singing and surrounding belongs to audiences and their seats. During the daytime’s farmland are dedicated to implanting, harvesting and teaching agriculture to childrens and people who is interested in agriculture. Ladders which are leaned back in building are the places that people can use them as seats in gathering and events. In this building we have predicted courses for education, agriculture, sewing and so on. Also we tried to use local materials such as wood and leaves for columns and roofs. Exterior and interior walls also made from local soil and clay. Our purpose for building this project was to motivated regional folks to participate.




Leader: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Associates: ERFAN Rezaei – Sahar Biniaz – Farnoosh Bandi – Zahra Farkhonde Nejad – Adreshir Jamshidi – Shahab Vafi