3rd Place

Tehran – IRAN

Winter 2007


This project is located in a good storing part, next to international airport. The surrounding urban context of project’s site is undeveloped residential buildings. In addition, a line of industrial storages and factories are located on the side of highway that forms the boundaries of the project. After studying the site, we realize that it will be an architectural project between expansion of highspeed industrial highway and residential contextand the topological nodular level is used that creates self-intersectional folded spaces. For preservation of project’s life in context, this idea was not only spread in site but also in influenced area by this complex and named them’ developing events in city”, an experience that can happen in all undeveloped parts of the urban context.




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Design Associates: Iman Agah

Associates: Mohammad Aghasheikh Hosseini – Milad Ghajarbeigi – Amin Ghasempour – Samaneh Ghasempour