2nd Place

Tabriz – IRAN

Winter 2008


Development and regeneration of Tabriz gardens ( a monument for historic gardens of Tabriz )
Historical axis of Tabriz and project orienting toward historic axis
Regeneration of “ Miniature ” garden as an Iranian garden
Connecting regional museum of Azerbaijan along the Miniature garden and creating Garden Museum space
Extension of Miniature Garden axis as the main pedestrian access to the Azerbaijan Garden Museum complex
Creating a mounted subway along the northern axis of Miniature Garden in order to strengthen the pedestrian path
Being a symbol during day and being distinctive at night
Using courtyard profiting from pattern of Tabriz Bazaar
Developing Garden Museum along the Iranian Garden axis
Being inside and interior, an idea for being a treasure
Elimination of cars from visitor’s sight in Garden Museum space
Mixing with the ground
Using the pattern of reticulated brick in Museum façade
Simplicity and introversion of the museum




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh