3rd Place

Rasht – IRAN

Summer 2009


Simultaneously to their commercial aspect, commercial centers reflect social relations and dynamics. Such commercial complexes transfer an amount of information and knowledge to their audiences apart from their commercial approach.
Location of this project in suburban context of Rasht-Anzali communication road invites its own general and specific audiences. So, connection of building with its environment has various social aspects that requires the creation of a context for free and active presence of audiences.
According to this, in addition to its basic role and function for presenting commercial services and information to construction engineering experts, this complex causes growth in people information of their construction demands.
City platform is the open embrace of building for accepting audiences that provides the presence of people by its uniform and continuous invitation in platform, column arrangement, sitting and gauging intervals, floor lines and openings in roof.
United and continuous closed and open spaces mixed with environment
are organic features of the project and reaches the small commercial
space at the final level through the defined path and
from metropolis space to the platform.




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Mehdi Khadem

Associates: Arezoo Izadyari – Amir Hossein Hajizadeh