Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

He was born on August 3rd, 1990 in Tabriz, Iran. After finishing high school, he entered “Soore University of Art And Architecture” to study bachelors in architecture. From the first year of his studies he started to work at “Hajizadeh and Associates” temporarily, and those years of activity has propelled him to became the lead architect at this office since 2013.

His major attention on creating a dialogue between people and city, and amongst people with each other has evolved to develop projects with cultural and public approaches in the body of his works; in a way that “atmosphere”, as the most critical element, experience a sort of change in its base nature in each and every portion of time and place. Moreover, interactions among people would lead to create an “EVENT”.

Also, his impressive focus on designing an atmosphere-oriented process considering function regardless of formal aspects of a project, results in presenting the project in a way that it illustrates the nature of the vernacular context.

“Event”, the inseparable part of his notions, plays the leading role in all his works, whether architectural or other fields of art. The challenge of shaping an event in the audience’s mind categorizes his works as conceptual art, not only to perceive the process but also to encounter the artist’s school of thought. Parallel universe, the objects’ look towards the environment, time and surrounding factors in general, has grabbed his attention during the recent years.

Professional works at consulting engineers:

–              Working at Hajizadeh & Associates, 2009 – 2011 (As An Associate)

     Shams-e-Tabrizi Monument & Cultural Center – Associate

     Gylan Industrial Building Commercial Center – Associate

     Velayat Garden Gate & Entrance – Associate

     Haghani Commercial & Official Building – Associate

     Neyshabur Hotel & Commercial Complex – Associate

–              Working at Hajizadeh & Associates, 2011 – 2013 (As A Designer)

     RANG Boutique – Lead Designer

     Entrance of Golgohar Industrial  the Minaral Complex – co-designer

     Monument of Golgohar Industrial  the Minaral Complex  – Designer

     SUN Boutique – Lead Designer

    Tehran’s Sun Commercial & Official Complex – co-designer

     Shams-e-Tabrizi Shrine – co-designer

–              Working at Bavar Eghlim engineers, 2013 (As A Designer)

     Forghani Hospitality Complex – Designer

     Mahestan Commercial Complex – Designer

–   Working at Hajizadeh & Associates, 2013 – Present (As The Lead Architect)

     Liget Budapest International Design – Lead Architect

     Enghelab Square – Lead Architect

     Jordan Tower – Lead Architect

     Imam Hosein Square – Lead Architect

     Let Them Be Creative (bench design) – Lead Architect

     Is It A Bench? Yes, It Is. (bench design) – Lead Architect

     Shasta Office Building – Lead Architect

     Assar House – Lead Architect

     Gateway of Gilan University – Lead Architect

     Tomb of Two Unknown Martyrs in Garmsar – Lead Architect

     Chapel of Abbas Abad – Lead Architect

     Cities in The City – Lead Architect

     Tokyo Music Center – Lead Architect

     Komiteye Emdad Office Building in Bashagard – Lead Architect

     Venice Biennale 2016 for IRAN – Lead Architect

     IPMI Facade Design – Lead Architect

     Tomb of Three Unknown Martyrs in Hoveyze – Lead Architect

     Chabahar Square Design – Lead Architect

     Sanei House Renovation – Lead Architect

Artistic activities:

–  Photography

   With a major focus on

   Timing, Motion, Self Challenging, Parallel Worlds, Light Effects, Objects’ Point Of View

–  Painting

   With a major focus on

   Conceptual Trend, Light Handlling In Time Process

–  Performance

   With a major focus on

   Timing, Parallel Worlds

–  Digital Art

   With a major focus on

   Timing, Parallel Worlds, Self Challenging, Death After Death

–  Filmmaking

   With a major focus on

   Short Movies, Timing, Birth and Death


2015   Leaders In Architecture

           Dubai – U.A.E

2016   “Concept & Design Process” confrence

           Urmia – IRAN

2016   Leaders In Landscape

           Dubai – U.A.E

2016   “Critique on School of Thoughts In Architecture ” confrence

           Tehran – IRAN

2016   Contextualism In Contemporary Architecture

           Rasht – U.A.E

2016   Contextualism In Contemporary Architecture

           Amol – IRAN