2nd Place

Chabahar – IRAN

Spring 2016


Shilat square is a place for people to berth at.

In Southern cities lack of public spaces is deeply tangible. Therefore, dedicating a place for people’s presence seems to be necessary. So, in the design process of Shilat square project regarding the main idea, people would exist in the project. Although their presence in such a square requires an appropriate way of organizing the designed project’s accesses. “Crossing the street” would not be reasonable. “Creating a passenger’s bridge” to lead people from sidewalks into the square would also distract the cityscape. Maybe the best and the most reasonable way is to create an underground sidewalk which regards climatic matters and also would not distract the cityscape. On the other hand, this concept represents a brand new subject which would be preciously notable for both the client and people: “an underground bazar”.

Maybe a bazar to lead the development of fishery market and its related products. In order to reach this goal, the use of two underground sidewalks prepared for pedestrians seems to be the proper way.

The creation of such bazar would benefit people and the client; for client, since by collaboration with people and selling or renting the commercial units, he can increase his financial strength to afford constructions expenses. Such a collaboration would also result in a specific satisfaction between the client and people. And for the people, because beside their presence and spending their free time in the square’s public space, they would have the possibility of buying various high quality products and therefore achieve a state of satisfaction which also affects social sustainability.




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

Associates: Nima Heyat – Mohammad Azizi Pour