Budapest – HUNGARY 

Summer 2014


We cover people to create Living Sculptures and build the Magic bases to accommodate people whom, for as long they stand there, become artistic works.

People by their presence, not only observe the inside of the museum and the event halls, but also become a part of the museum itself, in other words they are simultaneously objects and observers of the museum.

After Modernity cities are not separate components anymore, They become continuous  spaces that life goes on among  them. In this project urban lifestyle and the city merge together.

Budapest Museum of Ethnography impose nothing to the urban environment. This project form by keeping the continuity  of urban pedestrian routs. This museum is a social complex that interacts with the urban texture, native people and the visitors of the park and the museum.

Usually, there are two different levels in each project: Inside and outside

But in this project the city finds its route to the project by cutting the mass of building from ground floor and creating an important urban plaza (for cultural and social events made by people’s presence). moreover by creating a plaza up on the roof people’s interaction become more various. Inside and outside unify, on the other hand more spaces are given to the city by creating the museum and its roof. this complex not only does not reduce anything from the urban area but also add more spaces by creating social events in different levels




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

Associates: Hesam Alavi – Arash Shabahang – Sepideh Farnia

Other Associates: Mohammad Kalhori – Sobhan Hojjati – Behrooz Tahanzadeh – Mojgan Sanienejad – Payam Salehinejad – Neshat Mirsaeidi – Paria Abrishami