Fereydunkenar – IRAN

Winter 2016


In order to create a proper link between architecture, people and city, taking heed of history, culture and climate is undoubtedly inevitable. Even though history and culture might seem more considerable in designing such Buildings. On the other hand, to create the feeling of a local and vernacular place in the complex, utilizing the patterns used in windows and public spaces of the region was considered. Also according to the rainy climate of the North of Iran, the use of inclined roofs in local buildings became a rational reason to create such feeling in the section of this project.

On the other hand, to emphasize the presence of people and communication among them, we moved the main volume upwards. Therefore, an open space was  created and used as a bazaar and also an access to the beach. The natural topography of the beach also were designed like stairs and used as the fishing wharf for the complex.

Other functions like the amphitheater, Stores, Restaurant and residential spaces placed in the main volume on top of the open space.




Design: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh