Tehran – IRAN

Summer 2014


Through creation of “spatial relations”, architecture has an effective role in the formation of behaviors and the quality of environmental space. The role of public urban spaces in connection with city and “the form of city Experience” can be effective on the identity of place and identity of city. It also can be effective on the formation of social relations, environmental and urban behaviors.People and cars entering and passing squares and crossroads, various people with various narrations in different situations, pedestrians, passengers of taxis, personal cars, B.R.T buses and etc. these facts are all complete performance of urban life in Enghelab Street.
The aim of designing such a monument is a different reading from Enghelab Street. This means that a street is not only an urban passing way but it is also attractive and spectacular which ahs aesthetic values. Street can be more than a simple accident of space physical arrangement, something more than form and architectural aesthetics. It can be the creation of different behavioral relations and redefines the order and the usual relation between the “city” and “people”. 
Like an actor who has always experienced theatre on the stage, now we find a chance to leave the stage and sit and look as an audience and see what is going on. For a few minutes we can enjoy the life of Enghelab Street and the life of the city and also think about it.




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

Associates: Hesam Alavi – Arash Shabahang – Arezoo Izadyari – Pejman Taremi 

Other Associates: Mahsa Kaami Shirazi – Mojgan Saniei Nejad – Mohammad Kalhori – Rasool Abedini – Mohsen Shah Moradi