Arak – IRAN

Summer 2017


The Iraqi imposed war against Iran is one of the wars of the modern era, which lasted for eight years (1367-1799). This war began with a series of leading factors and growing military-political conflicts with the invasion of Iraq by the Iraqi forces. Iraq, on 26 September 1979, surrendered the official memorandum to the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad, declaring that  they had resigned the Algerian Declaration and treaties on the common border and good neighborliness, and 3 protocols and annexes thereto, and other specific agreements and memoranda to this Treaty. At the same time as sending this note, Saddam Hussein tore up the text of the Algerian treaty in a speech at the Iraqi National Assembly, announcing the abolition of the contract by the decision of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council. The mentioned action of Saddam Hussein and the statement of the Iraqi government were not legal. On September 31, 1359, a national attack began with the use of maximum military power and crossing international borders and invading Iran. During this unequal war imposed upon the people of Iran, many of our compatriots came to martyrdom, a testimony that has long been associated with the flesh and blood of people of this country, and there aren’t  much Iranian family who haven’t had any martyrs in them. The martyrs’ square of Arak, which is the main square of the city of Arak, also reminds that the people of this nation never forget the anonymous compatriots who sacrificed their lives for the preservation of the religion and security of dear Iranians.




Principal Architect: Kourosh Hajizadeh

Lead Architect: Amir Hossein Hajizadeh

Associates: Hossein Setareh – Sepehr Maleki – Hamid Reza Memarian – Mehdi Yousefi